Private sessions

Do you want to teach Tai Chi?

You can become a Tai Chi Instructor and teach your own classes

We have a full instructor's program that is a mixture of pre-recorded lessons, live video training, and 'real-world' training.

Ideal for:
● Martial arts or other physical skills instructors who want to add Tai Chi to what they currently do.
● Tai Chi students who want to teach.
● YOU, if you are motivated and will put in the time and effort required.

By the way, although there are costs involved in becoming an instructor, we believe we have one of the most affordable instructor programs available. Also, of course, we believe that the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi System is one of the best there is. If your interest is in teaching Tai Chi for health, fitness, and relaxation, get in touch with us today.

The Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy (AHTCA) Instructor Program takes you through a rigorous and progressive training regime. Upon qualification, it will allow you to teach Tai Chi for health and exercise but with an understanding of the martial origins and capabilities of the art. 

Our approach allows you to teach Tai Chi to...

● Anybody who wants to maintain their health and fitness.
● Those with balance issues or who want to improve their balance.
● People recuperating after injury or disease (With appropriate permission from their doctor or other medical experts).
● Anyone who is ‘stressed’ and needs to have a way to relax.
● Those suffering from anger issues who want to have a mechanism to aid anger prevention and control. (Note: Robert Agar-Hutton was a corporate coach for many years. He developed and taught programs to enable people to be Anger Management Coaches using a CBT methodology that included Tai Chi and Qigong principles). 
● Anyone who wants to learn Tai Chi for its interesting approach to exercise and/or because of the Chinese cultural heritage that it includes.
● Anyone who wants to compete in Tai Chi form competitions.

After qualification, Instructors are required to renew their certification every year and this includes agreed time spent in additional and advanced training.

Participation in the training program and qualification and recertification at any level is at the absolute discretion of Robert Agar-Hutton.

There is no mandatory time for achieving any qualification level. It is only based on your ability to perform and to teach the required curriculum.

Upon achievement of each level of the program you will be allowed to style yourself as “Level ‘x’ Instructor in Agar-Hutton Tai Chi” or as “A level ‘x’ instructor of the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy” for as long as you keep your instructor’s certification current. Subject to the rules of the Academy in relation to appropriate behaviour. 

Click the link for the Instructor Program Overview

Doris Schierer being awarded instructor certificate

An award of Level 1 Instructor to Doris Schierer on the 30th October 2020

Well done Doris !!!

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