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Short video from a UK seminar - Skipsea North Yorkshire 2022:

'Real World' sessions

If you run a martial arts club and would like to expand the training that you offer to your students, please look at the seminars that I can offer you in either Tai Chi or Karate Jutsu.

Bruce Everett Miller

"Tai chi is the most relaxing and peaceful style there is. However it is also the most deadly martial art as it uses the entire body to strike multiple points at the same time. Robert is a master at teaching both options. I have worked with him for years and he has both in depth knowledge to share and the ability to think out of the box. Furthermore Robert is one of the few instructors able to make the learning process fun. I heartily endorse his seminars... whether you are new to training or have been in martial arts for decades, Robert Agar-Hutton can teach you a lot!"

Bruce Everett Miller - Quan Li K'an - Sartell, MN, USA.


Short video from a UK seminar - Grimsby 2019:

"I trained with Robert and Lee during a recent seminar in Skipsea (North Yorkshire), it was at the end of a busy day when some were tired, but Robert's teaching, knowledge, and humour were very welcome, lots of patience when teaching, great paced class, and I really enjoyed the session, looking forward to doing it again very soon."

Andy Abernethie - Chief Instructor of Samurai Hearts Martial Arts - Grimsby - UK.

Andy Abernethie

Seminar Topics

A Taste of Tai Chi

A taste of Tai Chi.
Enhancing relaxation - Every martial art (probably) has one thing in common, relaxed techniques work better than tense ones.

The course will let your students learn the 8 move Energy Tai Chi form (plus some additional exercises) which can give them tools that will help them relax and be more focused in all their training. 

Available as a half or one-day course.

Power Tai Chi

Power Tai Chi.
As well as the gentle slow moving aspects of Tai Chi there is also a more advanced style where the movements are faster and more obviously powerful.

This course introduces these aspects and a 'Power' Tai Chi form.

Available as a half or one-day course.

The physicality of the course (how demanding it will be) will be tailored to the participants' abilities with both low and high power options.

Combat Tai Chi

Combat Tai Chi.
However much you love the look or the practice of the gentle health and exercise aspects of Tai Chi, the history of the art clearly shows it was designed for combat. A better understanding of the combat side of the art will, curiously, also dramatically improve the health and exercise aspects for those that already practice Tai Chi and for people studying a different martial art, this seminar can be a real 'eye opener'.

Available as a half or one-day course.

Half-day is recommended as an introduction (and maybe 'eye opener') to 'sweet old gentlemen and ladies' who practice Tai Chi for health and wellness.

A full day is recommended if the attendees are from a more 'robust' Tai Chi background or are younger and fitter.

The physicality of the course (how demanding and or painful it will be) will be tailored to the participants' abilities.

An old man's techniques

An old man's techniques.
Simple techniques aimed at martial artists who need to improve their practical self-defence skills. This seminar focuses on techniques that are simple and effective and can be used by virtually anyone. It includes joint manipulation, nerve point attacks and some simple escapes and counters.

Available as a half or one-day course.

Optionally it can also include verbal de-escalation (Otherwise known as Tactical Communications) training if you have the one-day seminar.

Karate Jutsu

Karate Jutsu.
Painful but rewarding - Karate Jutsu is not 'Karate Do' (the 'Way' of Karate) with it's formality and politeness and techniques that are often geared to competition and non-lethal use. Karate Jutsu tends to be more violent and nasty.

You will be taught how to move decisively, hit powerfully, and almost always with the objective of maiming or killing an opponent.

This course is for adults only and can be run as either a half or full day course.

To book a seminar call Robert on 07771 333 369 or send an email to

Seminar Photos

Seminar on 'Combat Tai Chi' in Seremban Malaysia.

Seminar Details

• Seminars can be provided anywhere in the World. Overseas seminars require payment in advance or for the host to be known to Robert Agar-Hutton.
• Cost is dependent on location and the number of students expected.
• Custom courses can be provided by prior arrangement.
• No unnecessary repeats - I guarantee that if you have me run follow-up seminars, new material will be the mainstay - no endless going over of the basics from the last seminar!!!

 Call Robert on 07771 333 369 (International +44 7771 333 369) to discuss your requirements. 

Video from a UK seminar:

NOTE: The video is a few years old and includes reference to our previous club and address.

To book a seminar call Robert on 07771 333 369 or send an email to

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