Private sessions

Your Organisation Can Have Instructors To Teach Tai Chi

We run in-house (or remote) programs to teach your staff to be able to teach Tai Chi classes.

Justin Lee Sato and Dot Hutchings of the Glass House Retreat with their instructor awards.

Justin Lee Sato and Dot Hutchings of the Glass House Retreat with their instructor awards.

Training and awards took place December 2023.

We can tailor your trainer training program to suit your requirements, from a basic program which allows simple Tai Chi and Qigong sessions to be taught through to complex ones that mean your in-house instructors will be highly skilled in a variety of Tai Chi and Qigong methodologies.

Ideal for:
● Gyms, Spas, and other health and wellness organisations who want to add Tai Chi to what they currently do.
● Companies who want to run in-house fitness and wellness training.
● Any organisations that wants to have an accessible and safe fitness and wellness program to offer to clients or members of the public.

The Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy (AHTCA) Organisational Instructor Program takes your staff members through a rigorous and progressive training regime.

Upon qualification, it will allow them to teach Tai Chi for health and exercise in accordance with an agreed (between the organisation and Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy) curriculum.

"I would highly recommend Robert Agar-Hutton. Teaching me wasn't easy!! After 4 days over 2 separate weeks at the retreat where I work, 2 private zoom lessons and joining in via zoom in 2 classes, giving me the confidence I lacked. I passed the 8 move 1 Step Tai Chi Form and cannot wait to teach classes in the New Year..
Robert is an incredible teacher, making the lessons interesting, informative and fun. Thank you Robert"

- Dot Hutchings -

(Note: The training program was two days, then a week and a half of practice and Zoom sessions, and then two further days of training followed by a monitored teaching session.)

Contact Robert Agar-Hutton on  07771 333 369 or email to discuss your requirements.

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